Evies 2nd Birthday gift guide


September 25th 2018… Evies 2nd Birthday

The run-up to Evie’s birthday was very exciting this year! I think your child’s 2nd birthday is really where the fun begins. Over the past few months, Evie has become obsessed with birthdays. She sings happy birthday every day, loves balloons, cake and of course presents.

We don’t buy Evie much during the year. We’ve found her toys last her such a long time as generally they’re always a bit too advanced for her when she gets them. Also, more importantly, we don’t want to spoil her. For her 2nd birthday, I made it my mission to buy toys she will love now, at the age of 2. I also wanted a mixture of educational and fun things for her to enjoy.

So many people have been messaging me on Instagram asking what we had bought Evie for her birthday, so I thought I would write a blog on it… (some of the below are gifts off other family members that we thought were too lovely not to include)

Under £10

Peppa Pig Magna Doodle (£8 Wilko.com)


Who doesn’t love a good old school toy?! I can’t begin to tell you how much Evie loves this. This was more of a ‘buy it on a whim’ gift that I found whilst doing the standard “Peppa Pig” search on Mothercare.com. It is actually out of stock on Mothercare so I have had a look & found the cheapest place selling it currently is Wilkos (link below). If you do one thing today,  please buy your Peppa loving toddler this!  Evie has been glued to it since she opened it.

Wilkos Peppa pig magna doodle


Baby Snuggles Deluxe 30cm Doll with 10 Accessories (£10 The Entertainer)


Ok so dolls are a bit creepy…  however, when your two year old starts putting the dogs’ toys in the dog bed, covering them in a tea towel whilst kissing them goodnight, you know its time to buy her a doll. lol.

I didn’t want to spend a lot on a doll because I just wasn’t sure if she would like it or not, but low and behind, she LOVES her creepy little plastic doll. Only joking, it’s actually really nice and comes with loads of little accessories. Evie particularly likes the potty and cutlery and loves looking after her new doll. I think dolls are great for little ones, she’s very compassionate and loves tucking her little doll to bed at night. This one was an actual bargain for £10 reduced from £20 at ‘The Entertainer’ (link below) and as far as dolls go it’s really nice.

TheToyshop.com Doll



Kids 3-in-1 Activity Easel £25.00
A great versatile slimline easel.
I actually got this for my friend Charlies daughter for her 2nd birthday and she got one for Evie’s birthday. What I loved about this particular easel is that its quite modern and slimline- the frame can even be painted to match a colour scheme.
Its simple to assemble with chalkboard on one side and whiteboard on the other. It’s also magnetic so you can either fold a large drawing pad over the top or stick individual sheets to the board with magnets (great when painting). Hobbycraft also sell a great selection of chalks, whiteboard markers & amazing kids paints so it’s a great gift idea for friends and family members children as there are lots of little add-ons (check out the mermaid paints)  that can be purchased with it.
Personalised Dolls Cradle – Madewithloveandsparkle.co.uk £54.95
Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 18.26.45
Because every doll needs a cradle. So, what I loved about this is that not only is it personalised but… THERE’S A SET! and I do enjoy a good collection!
I absolutely love traditional wooden toys. I think, not only do they look better than plastic, they are more hardwearing. They also bring back fond childhood memories. Kelvin and I love the old school toys, songs, TV so any part of our childhood that we can relive through Evie. Evie absolutely loves rocking her new doll in her cradle and tucking her in every night so we are planning on getting her the little wooden pushchair for Christmas.
We had ours personalised with “Evie’s baby – Happy 2nd Birthday love Mummy and Daddy xxx”
You can purchase one here Personalised Dolls Cradle
Little Tikes Magical Unicorn Carriage £119.99


Every little girls dream!

I’m such a fan of Little Tikes Cozy Coupe range. Evie’s nursery and also the soft play that we take her to has the Cozy Coupe cars and she absolutely loves them. When I saw the unicorn carriage I knew that Evie would love it!

It can be pulled along or when Evie is a bit bigger she will be able to steer it herself. When she saw it in the morning she was so excited. It even has a flashing horn! It’s so pretty, I love this so much!

You can get more information & purchase the unicorn carriage here Little Tikes Magical Unicorn Carriage


I hope this has given you some gift inspiration, its’ sometimes hard to know what to buy and with shops like Toys  ‘r’ us closing down, it’s even harder to get a feel for the products themselves. Please let me know in the comments if there are any specific toys you would like me to review.




  1. Sounds like Evie has had some lovely gifts 💖I hope she enjoyed her 2nd bday too😊

    My little boy turns 2 in November , you are right this is when the real excitement begins as they are starting to understand a lot more at this age it’s so lovely

    Does Evie know about Santa yet? My little boy has started to become more and more familiar and keeps saying his name . I cannot wait to take him to see him this year and the reindeers. It’s such a special and magical time ✨✨


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