Things that made early motherhood that little bit easier Pt 1.

Things that made early motherhood that little bit easier Pt 1.

Two years ago on mothers day , we announced our pregnancy. With today being mothers day I thought I would tie something in to my blog that relates to new mums and mums to be.


I often get asked what products or techniques I would recommend to anybody currently pregnant or with a new baby.

THIS POST IS NOT ENDORSED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM! – I’m telling you what I loved and loathed, what really worked and what I found was a load of hype. Nobody is paying me to say this.

I’m going to start with Bottles. We used Tommee Tippee -for a week. There was nothing specifically wrong with them, they did the job and are reasonably priced. I just got anxious every time she used them as I would watch the teat fill with tiny bubbles & I felt paranoid she would get colic. We switched to Dr Browns anti colic bottles- these are more expensive, (some advice I would give is ask for them as a gift at your baby shower. Nobody likes spending £12 on a single bottle so even if you get a couple as gifts it really helps) they also sell these in Boots (advantage points woohoo!) She didn’t get colic. Job done.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

This is AMAZING, it literally is a godsend, I don’t really need to say anything else. This is what it claims to do “The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine will accurately prepare your baby’s bottle at body temperature in under two minutes, ensuring you and your baby enjoy feeding.” And it does exactly that. They’re so popular too, so look after it and you will sell it on easily at a Baby/Children’s market.

Red Castle Cocoonababy

I didn’t realise just how much I would love this item, its basically a small memory foam mattress to lay your baby in. We only used it during waking hours as an empty cot is always safer for night time but this was literally a god send. Even when cleaning the house, I would carry her around in it and pop her in a safe place so I could always keep an eye on her. I can’t describe the joy and ease this item brought into my life. It meant I could get on with things whilst keeping her beside me and not have to keep checking on her. Please get one- and thank me later!


Red Castle Cocoonababy


There’s no panic quite like the panic of waking up and seeing your baby has somehow loosened her sheet and puller it over her head in the night. The moment I put her in a growbag the moment I could relax that little bit more at night. It means one less thing to worry about, and that’s good enough for me!

Grobag shop

Aldi Nappies

Do not waste your money on branded nappies! I repeat, Do not waste your money on branded nappies! Aldi nappies are the best, they really are. Super absorbent, soft, cheap, basically everything a nappy should be. Evie is 18 months old now and were still using them. We ran out of them on holiday and had to use Pampers, I really did not think they were as good as the Aldi ones, they felt too thin & less absorbent.

Fisher Price Jumperoo

We had the “Roaring Rainforest jumperoo” (see link below) – another great one to buy with gift money, once your baby is up and about, this is AMAZING, especially when you need a quick shower or are preparing dinner. Evie loved hers and we believe it really brought her on. We have so many good memories of her bouncing away in this.


Angel care bath seat

I loved this, it seemed to be the perfect shape for her little body & she didn’t slip at all. She really enjoyed her baths as a baby laid on her Angelcare, also it’s lovely to take some bath time pics of them in for the family photo album!

Shop ‘Angelcare’ baby bath

Least Favourite


I can’t believe these are £249+, me and 2 friends both got these for our babies and all found them a waste of money, in my opinion I would advise anybody considering one of these to not believe the hype. It did NOTHING for us that a standard rocking bouncer couldn’t do, it’s also MASSIVE! I think there are plenty of better things to spend £250 on! The only plus side to these is the selling on value is good, it holds its value quite well, we sold ours for £170 and also bought ours when Mamas and Papas had a 20% off incentive on, so we actually didn’t lose much money on it… but, I’m not advising you to buy it at all lol.

Bottle Warmer

Pointless, pointless, pointless. We didn’t use it. They’re not very expensive, but with the perfect prep we found our bottles were always the perfect temperature so didn’t have a reason to use it.

Video Monitor

Well, in theory its amazing, but we only ever had a view of the wall from it as weren’t sure how to attach it to the Cot, however we really liked using it for the sound feature. I don’t personally think you need to spend the extra on the video monitor (unless you want to see your partner jump when they’re checking on the baby and you say something stupid down it to see them react ha ha). In all seriousness if there is a problem you can hear everything on a good sound monitor so the video side, well I’m a paranoid mum but even I thought it’s a little pointless- any noise and I was straight upstairs anyway. Our monitor was Tommee Tippee and the sound aspect was amazing so I would recommend their sound only monitors

I will do a part 2 to this blog, as I feel there are SO many more things to tell you about! I hope this has helped you, please let me know your thoughts in the comments or if there is anything else you would like me to review 💖

Maria xxx


  1. Totally agree with that bath seat! I would not move on to a bumbo seat type tho as it just looked so uncomfortable on my baby’s ‘bits’ and holding her at that age was better.


  2. The Shnuggle baths are great too! As for the prefect prep machine, I didn’t have one for my first baby and I can’t believe I managed without one! Ha xx


  3. Thank you for sharing your views on things that are a waste of money and that used it fine.

    I had my first child at just 18 ( back in 1998)
    As a young mum i felt out of place enough but on a tight budget the baby groups pre and post natel

    Listening to people talk about all the gadgets and pricer versions made me feel i was already doing an injustice and not the best for my child

    Few months on and when it is all obselete because the baby is now crawling around you learn better

    We all live and learn

    The nappies I had a health visitor at clinic weigh in tell me once that my childs slight nappy rash was caused by the fact I used boots nappies eveident by shopping on my bag

    I let her preach then stated i was using pampers but that pack was to be stored at my mums for spares !! And the slight rash started the same time as teething
    Sudocream and nappy off time cured it no time – But gosh did I feel so judged and never brought them

    Second child no such qualms and after selling lots used realised that buying used was fine for my child it is all mostly months old spent longer in a box than used !

    Third child years later older richer completely different postion
    I of course give the best i can but no that does not equal most expensive

    My little one had clothes off ebay for playgroup toys from there and boot sales as I know it is a waste. fancy clothes for occassions that suit,park playing primark high street second hand no shame in it.

    Being judged of the thought of being judged by other mums health care etc

    Is so draining we should all reach out to each other share advice we all have something to give

    A first time mum or a mum of 5 each kid is different and all present their own issues.

    Essay over lol

    Looking forward to your future posts


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